Weak camouflage:new spy pics of the E-Klasse

Photographers at Lehmann Photo Syndication have recently photographed a prototype of the future E-Klasse limousine while testing in South Germany(probably in Bavaria, judging by the number plate). What is kinda weird is the fact that now the camouflage is so weak that you can almost 99% distinguish the important details in the design of the new car. Expected to make its official debut in mid 2009, the E-Klasse will have new twin headlights, with a more appealing & sporty design, and also a new, more aerodynamic & stylish bumper in the front, which seems to be inspired from the C- and GLK-Klasse. On the both sides of the car, the lines of design simply flow evenly to the back-end area, developing both an elegant & strong allure. The new exterior mirrors to be used on the E will be those from the GLK-Klasse, as they are much more aerodynamic and energy-saving than those from the C-Klasse. The backlights have already revealed their intimate design in a previous set of spy photos taken in Northern Scandinavia, so they come as no surprise for many of us. They are correctly designed and I am sure they will be stylish and will match with the total design of the limousine.
The 2009 E-Klasse will grow in length by up to 7 centimeters. The new Merc will also benefit from the addition of new petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engines will vary in power from a 184 BHP 4-cylinders unit up to a massive 544 BHP V8. The diesel fans will have to choose their favourite from a large list of engines, with max. output ranging from a 136 BHP 4-cylinders engine up to a 354 BHP V8. In 2010, the W212 codenamed E-Klasse will also become eco-friendly, thanks to the official premiere of the IAA 2007-anticipated E 300 BLUETEC HYBRID, which will feature a 3.0 litres V6 diesel unit, producing 224 BHP, connected to an electric motor developing 15 kW, that also has an integrated start generator.

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