Future E-Klasse caught in...Scandinavia

Scandinavia is becoming more & more of a sacred sanctuary of the cold-weather testing sessions for new models from Stuttgardt. After the CLK and ML, photographers have got shots of the E-Klasse limousine. As it can be seen, the camouflage is not so heavy anymore, so some details of the car's design can be very well distinguished, like the headlights, which appear to be single-piece(not so sure about that), twin fog headlamps or the C-inspired backlights.
By far, the most spectacular photo is the one showing 4 test models(2 E-Klasse sedans, 1 E-Klasse T-Modell and 1 CLK-Klasse), hidden from the public eye with the help of tarpaulins. To me, it somehow looks like a secret tribal reunion...

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