"NO" to a future GLK 63 AMG:still...

The ones who were expecting to see a GLK 63 AMG hitting the roads in mid 2009 will be dissapointed to find out that AMG has no plan of building such a sporty version of the compact SUV. The main reasons are the disaster called R 63 AMG(they think that the GLK 63 AMG could be as "lucky" as the R) and the fact that their range of vehicles is already overcrowded, and they also have 2 4x4 models, the G 55 AMG and the ML 63 AMG. But the most important argument, stated by AMG's CEO Volker Mornhinweg, is the fact that the GLK doesn't fit the overall philosophy of AMG.
From my point of view, they could be right, but they could also be fully wrong. Why?Well, I will try to answer using a question, although it is not 100% politically correct:what will you, the ones from AMG, do in case BMW, Merc's biggest rival, will launch a iS version for the next of generation of the X3?And more, will you then be forced to come up with a GLK 63 AMG?I really think you will be, as I know you don't want to lose any segment of the car market in favor of your Munich enemy!So, to sum up, I am not so convinced that AMG won't take the wraps off a GLK 63 in the end...

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