VIDEO from CARversation: Top Gear drives the M3, C63, and RS4


This is an awesome video as Topgear tests out the three beasts of the german companies. These are all great cars debuting and it is awesome to see them compared, i really love the new look benz has given to the c class, but as i’ve noted before i would without a question take that M3 anyday. What car would you take?[Source Auto Blog]


Source and text:CARversation

MBZ says:Well, very hard choice, even for me. I won't choose the Audi(I have my reasons), the M3 is absolutely fabulous and it is definitely a great technical achievement of the engineers at M GmbH, but...I have to recognise, the C 63 AMG is just so hardcore. It can really drive you nuts. That's my No. 1 pick of the 3.Definitely.

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