TopGear - BMW M5 vs Mercedes E63 AMG

The battle between ZE Panzers never ends, as our friends from CARversation have provided with an exciting movie in which the E 63 AMG T-Modell meets the M5 Touring in a 'life-and-death' fight, put together by the TopGear team, leaded by the well-known JC. Thank you very much, pals;we really appreciate it!

Again, the Bmw vs Mercedes comparison, except in powerful wagons. Watch as top gear drives these wagons like no soccer mom has driven in night time. I just love the Bmw headlights, i personally would take the m5 wagon over the e63, but would take the e63 sedan over an m5 sedan (i know confusing).

MBZ says:Although I am a huge fan of the Merc, I have to say that the real beast is still the M5.

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