New spy shots + more renderings of the new CLK-Klasse

2009 CLK detail from Huckfeldt CGI

Set for launch in 2009, the future mid-class coupe CLK-Klasse is hard tested by Mercedes-Benz in the most unfriendly environments. The latest spy photos show the car in the snowy&icy landscapes of Sweden. The 2009 CLK will come with a new range of engines, a completely revised drivetrain,a possible 4Matic AWD transmission and lots of gadgets and the well-known COMAND APS infotainment system. In summer 2009, the stage is set for a new CLK Cabrio, and, as far as I know, the car will remain loyal to the more elegant and classy soft-top, unlike the 3er Cabriolet, which uses a hard-top.
To improve the dynamic capabilities of its future CLK, Merc will offer the Advanced Agility pack on this too, which greatly improves cornering ability and the overall sporty feeling.
I also published a new set of CGIs that should, at least, give us a slight idea of how will the car look like.
Huckfeldt CGI

2 CGI from Lehmann

Very nice CGI from coolraul, a user from

4 spy photos of the CLK-Klasse caught during Scandinavian winter

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