SL Black Series:Artist Impression

A user from Germancarzone, quinty, did a great job with two photos of the recently revealed SL 63 AMG. Precisely, with the help of a photoshoping program, he transformed the AMG into the future SL Black Series. The transformation is impressive, and overall, the photos are very profesionally done, because they lack what the majority of CGIs do have:heavy detailing or unreal shapes and lines of design. Simply, the styling is the correct one and the final result is a success. Now, I'm not very sure if this is the way the SL Black Series will looke like. Maybe, it will be more aggresive and will have more aerodynamical elements. Until the SL BS is unveiled, these CGIs are more than OK. Good job, quinty!

One spy photo of the forthcoming SL Black Series

Via Germancarzone article!

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