Great Music:Mixed Tape music show featured on Mercedes-Benz IPTV


Mercedes-Benz to continue its popular download service Mixed Tape
Extension of the concept to include a programme on Mercedes-Benz TV
New monthly music magazine with videos, album reviews and profiles of up-and-coming artists and established acts

With around 2.5 million users and 28 million downloads so far, Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape has proved one of the most successful legal music sites worldwide since launching in 2004. Now, Mixed Tape is entering a new era: Mercedes-Benz is keeping the popular download compilations and broadening its scope to include a monthly music show on Mercedes-Benz TV ( The half-hour Mixed Tape Music Magazine features videos, album reviews and profiles of newcomers and established artists - with a different theme for every show. The first Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape Music Magazine airs on 28 February 2008 and puts the spotlight on "modern vintage".
"Mercedes-Benz is one of the ten most valuable brands in the world. We have a loyal customer base that we target very directly, while our traditional advertising campaigns on TV and in print bring us to the attention of a vast potential market," says Dr. Olaf Göttgens, Vice President Brand Communications at Mercedes-Benz Cars. "However, in order to reach new, and most importantly, young target groups, we focus part of our marketing activity on new formats. Of these, Mixed Tape and Mercedes-Benz TV have met with the greatest success. By taking Mixed Tape to the next level and integrating it into Mercedes-Benz TV we have created a platform for informative and interactive branded entertainment".
The first issue of Mixed Tape Music Magazine takes a look at "modern vintage" - one of the latest pop trends in which influences from previous decades are interwoven with new musical styles. Headline acts such as Grammy-award-winner Mark Ronson and Jennifer Lopez are currently storming the charts with "modern vintage". And it's also shaping the sounds of countless newcomers. The monthly show is crammed with interviews and biogs keeping you up to date with today's stars and up-and-coming artists. Plus there's background information, album reviews and special features based on the current theme. Every issue will be accessible online for six months at:
The long-established and much-loved Mixed Tape compilations will still be available alongside the new music programme. Every eight weeks, music fans can download ten free tracks by exciting new artists, some of whom will be showcased in the monthly TV magazine. What's more, Mercedes-Benz will continue to use Mixed Tape to promote the next generation of musicians. It's a great chance to have new music heard by the online community and aspiring acts are encouraged to submit tracks. The latest edition, Mixed Tape 19, comes off the back of the previous "best-of" collection, Mixed Tape 18.

"Modern vintage" artists and videos appearing in the first Mixed Tape Music Magazine
Mark Ronson - Oh My God
The 32-year-old "producer of the year" Mark Ronson is at the vanguard of "modern vintage" and rose to fame for the raw soul sound he brought to Amy Winehouse's album "Back to Black". He has already worked with Bob Dylan, Robbie Williams and Christina Aguilera.
Jennifer Lopez - Hold It Don't Drop It (video of the month)
Everything about this song screams "modern vintage", from the sample borrowed from disco soul brothers Tavares to J-Lo's choreographed moves on a larger-than-life disco ball.
4 Hero - Morning Child (Mixed Tape classic)
"Music doesn’t get much better than this" wrote UK magazine Touch in praise of the latest 4 Hero album "Play With The Changes". MOBO award winners Dego McFarlane and Marc Mac stay true to the "modern vintage" vibe on their new long player and were an easy choice for our Mixed Tape classic.
Nicole Willis - If This Ain't Love (Don't Know What Is)
The music of Brooklyn-born Nicole Willis is the epitome of "modern vintage". Recorded together with her Finnish backing band "The Soul Investigators", the album "Keep Reachin' Up" took the world by storm. Featured in the first issue of our video magazine is "If This Ain't Love (Don't Know What Is), named one of the "top ten tracks of the year" by the BBC.
Natalie Gardiner - Slowly Softly (album of the month)
Natalie Gardiner's debut record was highly acclaimed by finger-on-the-pulse UK magazine "Straight No Chaser". In her new album "California" the Swedish songbird mixes cutting-edge electronic sounds with the vintage qualities of her favourite soul artists of the 70s.
The Ting Tings - Great DJ (featurette)
The Ting Tings have made a real name for themselves, helped no end by their spectacular appearance at Glastonbury. Fresh from pocketing a major label deal, the fledgling artists honour Mixed Tape Music Magazine with their presence in the form of single "Great DJ". The garish accompanying video is a shining example of "modern vintage", with references from 80s-style aerobics to pop art.

Artists and songs featured in the Mixed Tape 19 download compilation
Tak Miyazawa - Mind Games
Tak Miyazawa from Japan is the first artist to grace Mixed Tape 19. The graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston , whose influences range from blues legend Robert Johnson to Jazzanova, enlisted the help of singer Shiori Mineta for "Mind Games".
Wole feat. Valentina - Saturday Night
In October 1960, Nigerians celebrated their newly won independence to the tune of "Everybody Loves Saturday Night". Wole Fatunmbi was born and raised in Germany, but his family roots are in Nigeria. We are proud to include this modern R&B version of the song that became an unofficial national anthem in his ancestral homeland.
Samuel Harfst - To Bring You Hope
"To Bring You Hope" is a collaborative effort orchestrated by tender young musician Samuel Harfst. It's important to remember that the positive pop sounds of "Mixed Tape" also demand to be heard live. Harfst and friends have been seen busking in pedestrian precincts and singing at street music festivals, from Sydney, Australia to Mainz in Germany.
Haphazard presents Bubbz - What Am I Supposed To Do?
"What Am I Supposed To Do?" is the question posed by UK rapper Bubbz a.k.a. Chief on this pic'n'mix offering by Haphazard. The secret formula that gets their creative juices flowing? "Meat and cheese for breakfast, as little sunlight as possible, and as many laughs as we can get." Not to mention a liberal dose of jazz, blues, hip-hop and house.
First Touch - To Bring You Hope
"First Touch" are producers, DJs, label founders and professional party people. Although rooted in the German hip-hop scene in Mannheim, the duo have revived the disco boogie sound of the early eighties for this track – in the form of a retro/modern good-time groove by "Toe Jammin'". See their MySpace page for more info.
Pantofis - It's Been A While (I've Been Away)
The solo artist Pantofis has landed a place on Mixed Tape 19 with pop gem "It's Been A While (I've Been Away)". Berlin-based Pantofis was born in Greece and wrote the song during an extended stay in hospital. He aims to delve deep into people’s souls through his music and original compositions.
Hungry Hungry Ghost - The Magpie
Indie number "The Magpie" was written by Hungry Hungry Ghost, a band whose members are all currently based in the Moabit district of Berlin. They regard their music as an assault on the tedium of everyday life and model themselves on the catchy sounds of Huey Lewis, whose 80s records they believe have never been bettered.
Piper Davis - Academics
Piper Davis is the Canadian chanteuse behind "Academics". Born in Golden in British Columbia and raised in Vancouver, Piper moved to Calgary as a teenager where she developed a distinctive singing style and made a name for herself in the city's dance scene. Back in Vancouver she began to write and produce her own songs. After graduating from the Simon Fraser University of Contemporary Arts she released four of her tracks in summer 2007, one of which was "Academics".
Ben Hadwen - Too Good
Originally from New Zealand, Ben Hadwen moved to the US at the age of twelve and has lived in London for around three years now. Nu jazz track "Too Good" is his contribution to the compilation. He began playing the saxophone at twelve years old and was a member of several school jazz bands. Later, other genres such as hip-hop, funk and acid jazz began to influence his style. Hadwen studied music at the University of Colorado where he broadened his talents to encompass other instruments.
riccicomoto - Turn Over
Enrico Regini's family originate from Italy, but the Hamburg-based artist was born on the North Sea island of Norderney in Germany. He has worked as an independent producer in the guise of riccicomoto since the end of 2006, making music in his private studio. His work is influenced by artists such as Rockers Hi-Fi, Massive Attack, Zbigniew Preisner, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Noiseshaper, Shirley Bassey and Prince. riccicomoto's debut 4-track EP was released on 21 January 2008.

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