A lift for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz has added to the Sprinter carrier lineup the option of an automated loading platform, attached at the back of the vehicle. This platform ensures an easy loading/unloading process of mid- and heavy-weight products into and out of the Sprinter. Check out the official press release and the photos attached!


Optional, folding tail-lift for easier loading and unloading
Load capacity up to 600 kilograms
Available for panel vans in two lengths and various weight classes
Van Solution now works with nine bodybuilders
Ordering, delivery and servicing from a single source

Stuttgart – Furniture transport companies, removal firms and tradespeople in a wide range of fields are well aware of the problem: heavy and bulky items such as furniture, tool trolleys or goods in wheeled containers are difficult to load and unload. Now an optional, electrohydraulically operated tail-lift makes it much easier to load and unload the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van, while improving convenience and safety at the same time. It is available directly ex factory from Düsseldorf.
Load capacity up to 600 kg, available for all panel vans
The tail-lift is bolted beneath the rear end of the van and has a load capacity of 600 kg, with the exception of the long-wheelbase Sprinter with a long overhang, where it is 500 kg. When not in use, the tail-lift folds away vertically at a 90-degree angle on the left side of the vehicle, behind the rear end. If a window in the partition and hinged rear doors are ordered, there is still an unimpeded view to the rear through the interior mirror. When folded out the tail-lift has an area of 1880 x 1330 mm, which is large enough even for very bulky items.
The tail-lift is available for the Sprinter panel van with either a medium
(3665 mm) or long wheelbase (4325 mm), and for all weight classes. Including the necessary ancillary items such as hinged doors with a 270-degree opening angle, a wood floor in the load compartment and an auxiliary battery, the total weight is around 350 kg. Thanks to an optional, removable ball-type coupling, trailer operation remains no problem.
Mercedes-Benz’ partner for this tail-lift is the market leader, BärCargolift. As orders are processed via the successful Mercedes-Benz Van Solution systems partnership, customers benefit from an uncomplicated, single-source process: the tail-lift can be ordered from the normal Mercedes-Benz Sprinter price list as a single-invoice transaction. Ordering, delivery and servicing, as well as the guarantee and warranty, are fully administered via the Mercedes-Benz organisation.

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