What is Mercedes-Benz preparing for the upcoming years?

CGI:the future B-Klasse MPV

Mercedes-Benz has decided to come up in the next years with a whole new range of small and compact models, assigned for the A-Klasse and B-Klasse. This move seems very logical, as the most important competitors have important players in this market area:BMW 1-series(3dr,5dr,Coupe,Cabrio and a future X1, that should come into the market by 2010) and Audi A3(3dr,Sportback,Cabrio). So, the Stuttgardt carmaker is determined to win the lost crown with completely new models, that include coupes, convertibles or SUVs. In the future, Mercedes-Benz plans to better separate the A-Klasse from the B-Klasse. So, the future B-Klasse will grow in length and in height and will be roomier, so to compete with cars like the Zafira or the Touran. The future A-Klasse will be totally redesigned from scratch, it will have a sportier appearance and it will feature RWD. Also, new, more powerful engines will be offered, as the car will no longer benefit from the qualities and constraints of the intelligent SANDWITCH platform. The same thing will happen to the B-Klasse. Mercedes-Benz is also mulling over the idea of a compact, GLK-Klasse-inspired SUV, derived from B-Klasse and set to compete with BMW X1.We might also see a compact coupe, that might be called BLK, or even a small roadster from A-Klasse, but up until now, the last idea is simply a speculation. But the most interesting and intriguing idea is the one of a possible CLS-Klasse-inspired 4dr coupe based on the future B-Klasse. The idea seems crazy, but who knows, it might just come to reality in the years to come, like 2012 or 2013.
A possible variant BLK-Klasse

The 4dr coupe of the future B-Klasse range

The B-Klasse future SUV

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