Shock at McLaren:Ron Dennis fired

The well-known Spanish newspaper Marca reported today, in a shocking article, that Ron Dennis, the Team Principal of McLaren, has been fired and he will be replaced by Martin Whitmarsh, CEO Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. The drastique decision was taken by the official partner of McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, which, in the near future, will also take full control over the British manufacturer. The main reason for the unexpected firing of Dennis was his inability to fully solve the problems created by the F1 Spygate in the 2007 season, together with losing both championship and drivers titles. However, Dennis could be given a new position at McLaren, but not at all one that is crucial to the team. Currently, Dennis owns 15% of the McLaren steak.
The official anouncement of Ron Dennis's firing will be issued in the following days via press release.

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