More spy photos of the next gen. CLK-Klasse

CLK-Klasse test cars have been recently caught on tape both in Sweden and Germany. In the Scandinavian Peninsula, the CLKs were accompanied, as it can be seen in one of the photos, by an Audi A5 and a BMW 5er(quite wierd this 5er;shouldn't it be 3er Coupe?). This is a normal strategic movement, to put together the future model and its opponent(meaning the A5 here, not the 5er), in order to make your car better than the others'. We can also see that the camouflage has been slightly reduced, so now it reveals more details about the shape of the future mid-sized coupe from Stuttgardt, and as a relief for the ones who did the CGIs for the CLK, most of them were 80% right with their drawings. And, not to forget, there is one very good quality photo which shows how the dashboard will look like.

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