New details: Next S-Klasse (W 222) to premiere a revolutionary interior architecture

According to Hartmut Sinkewitz, senior interior designer at Mercedes-Benz, the future generation of the S-Klasse will sport a revolutionary dashboard and inner architecture. It is expected that the W 222, which will be unveiled towards the end of 2012, will get its inspiration from the unconventional F 700 and F 800 research cars. More precisely, the new flagship limousine from Stuttgart will bind together the best out of the two concepts: the elegant, stylish, naturally-flowing lines that give the impression they protectively embrace the passengers inside and the ultra-advanced in-car communication technologies, such as the SERVO-HMI (introduced on the F 700), which is basically the next step in the infotainment world. The computer will become a digitally-generated human being, able to talk to the driver. The interaction with the car's management systems will be led to a superior level, as engineers will apply into series production the solutions previewed on the F 800, such as the touchpad and the intelligent cameras that record the hands movement, thus making it possible to operate certain commands without touching any physical control.

Source: Motor Authority

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