Magic Sky Control: fancy tech gimmick to showcase on the new SLK-Klasse

As we previously showed in an article, Mercedes-Benz will launch a whole array of new, intelligent and attractive systems and solutions that bear the particle "Magic". The first of the series will be the Magic Sky Control, to make its official premiere in 2011 on the new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Klasse, either at NAIAS Detroit or at the Geneva Motor Show. The system is basically a dynamic panorama sunroof consisting of electrically-governed particles, which make possible to vary the darkness level depending on the atmospheric conditions. The glass shield works on the principle of a plate capacitor: if tension is applied to the circuit, then the particles will align themself in such way they let light penetrate inside the car. If the flow of tension is stopped, then the light is deflected. Engineers claim that this innovative solution also helps keep away UV and infrared rays. Installing Magic Sky Control on the new SLK-Klasse will cost an extra 2,000 euros, but given the details we already have about it, we think the system is worth spending money on.

Note: The Magic Sky Control pictured above is mounted onto a pre-production SLK R 172 prototype.

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