Mercedes-Benz set to change the nomenclature of its models... Call this a BS!

We recently came across an article on an Italian automobile-dedicated website (, to be precise) which stated that the Stuttgart-based constructor will change the way of badging its models in the next years. The journalists claim that the first car to bear a new name will be the future generation of the C-Klasse. How will the new designation look like? Well, it's far from being new, as appearantly, is identical to the old, pre-1993 one.

The first part of the new name will more exactly indicate the displacement of the engine throughout a set of three digits. The second part of the name will be the letter of the model's class. For example, 500E or 350C. You may immediately be tempted to classify this marketing manoeuvre as a genuine heritage harkback procedure. Mercedes-Benz might possibly want to establish a stronger root into its rich tradition and motoring history, but otherwise than that, such a drastic measure makes no sense whatsoever, because in the past years as well as in the years to come, the German carmaker has intelligently positioned and defined its car range and will specifically continue on this path, with the attention being primarily directioned to the already popular classes - the C, the E, the S, the CLS and so on - followed by the digits revealing the engine cubic capacity. Moreover, there are plans to further expand the models portfolio with new names. So why on Earth replace something customers already easily recognize with something that will clearly cause a lot of confusion and will possibly (dangerously in some cases) resemble the BMW denomination?

We have found no other respectable car website on the whole internet that has published such a stupid, unfundamented piece of crap. Our opinion is that this rumour is completely false, one of the main reasons being the fact that the author of the article does not cite any (trustworthy) source: neither a Mercedes-Benz official nor an insider. We are highly confident that Mercedes-Benz will retain and develop the current, logical nomenclature for the years to come and many after.

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