New details: Mercedes Frontwheel Architecture

Mercedes-Benz plans to be a tough contender in the constantly-growing small/compact premium segment. Next year, at the IAA Frankfurt, the German constructor will premiere a new generation of the B-Klasse multi-purpose vehicle. This, alongside other new and interesting versions that will spawn under the future A-Klasse and B-Klasse lineups, will use a revolutionary front-driven platform, called MFA, that stands for Mercedes Frontwheel Architecture.

This solution is so technically advanced and versatile that will most likely be the subject of a patent, meaning it will carry an IP (Intellectual Property) label, according to Jorg Prigl, head of development of the new A- & B- models. There are rumours that Mercedes-Benz will officially present the MFA on January 29, 2011, marking the 125 years milestone from the moment when Carl Benz received the German Patent No. 37435 for his three-wheeled Patent Motor Car. Brand officials state that the new FWD platform has been specifically designed as to be used under various bodies and versions - from the ordinary MPV high-roof architecture of the B-Klasse up to hatchback, coupe, cabrio, SUV or even 4-door coupe variants. Moreover, the MFA can easily accommodate a large array of powering solutions: internal combustion (petrol, diesel), hybrid, hydrogen, full electric as well as Li-Ion battery packs, F-CELL (fuel cell) stacks and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) tanks.

The B-Klasse will remain what it currently serves as: a fresh, practical and roomy compact MPV which, at times, can prove to be sporty as well. On the other hand, the new A-Klasse will be totally different, setting a new benchmark and, as Mercedes-Benz officials like to say, inventing the automobile once again after 125 years form its birth.

The new small and compact-sized classes from Mercedes-Benz will be assembled at the Kecskemét facility in Hungary.


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