F1 Suzuka - "Flooded" qualifying round threatened to be held before Sunday's race?

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: The qualifying session of the 2010 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka will take place on Sunday, 10th October, at 10:00 Local Time (03:00 CET), due to the ongoing extreme weather conditions.

As heavy rain continues unfrightened at Suzuka, the possibility of postponing the qualifying session until tomorrow becomes more and more certain. The poor drainage system of the famous Japanese F1 circuit means water is gathering up fast in almost all the parts of the track, affecting the normal ride of a single-seater and increasing the risk of hydroplaning (or usually said aquaplaning) and, nonetheless, the chances of having a severely-damaging crash, which could set one driver backwards on the starting grid for the race. Currently, the Q1 session has been delayed till 15:30 Local Time / 08:30 CET. If the washout continues and the third consecutive on-track Safety Car report is far from being optimistic, then the whole qualifying round could be postponed for Sunday and be held just a few hours in advance of the race.

Photo: Formula1.com

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