Production Milestones at Mercedes-Benz Türk


  • Since 1967, Mercedes-Benz Türk has produced more than 100,000 trucks and 50,000 buses
  • Mercedes-Benz has been the leader in the Turkish bus market for the past 40 years and is also the market leader for trucks over six tons
  • Exports to more than 70 countries
Aksaray, Turkey, Jun 30, 2008 - In a ceremony at the Aksaray plant, Mercedes-Benz Türk today celebrated the production milestones of 100,000 trucks and 50,000 buses. The company that commenced operations in 1967 with 73 employees is today Turkey’s largest manufacturer of trucks and buses, employing 4,500 men and women. Mercedes-Benz Türk has dominated the Turkish bus market for more than 40 years and currently has a market share of 61.8 percent for travel coaches and 26.1 percent for city buses. For the past six years, Mercedes-Benz Türk has also been the market leader for trucks over six tons, with a current market share of 30.6 percent.

At the ceremony, Harald Landmann, head of Daimler Buses, presented the 50,000th bus, a Mercedes-Benz Travego, to Sakarya VIB, one of the largest bus operators in Turkey. The 100,000th truck, a Mercedes-Benz Axor, was presented to Marti Container Services, one of Turkey’s leading logistics companies, with headquarters in Istanbul and Izmir.

Mercedes-Benz Türk’s production locations in Hosdere and Aksaray are key components of Daimler AG’s development and production network. The vehicles manufactured at these sites are exported to more than 70 countries, including many in Western Europe. The company currently exports 40 percent of the trucks it produces and even 78 percent of the buses. In his speech at the ceremony, Landmann said: “These production milestones show that the decision to invest in Turkey at such an early date was right. The country offers reliable political and economic conditions and ensures very high quality standards.With its locations in Aksaray and Hosdere, Mercedes-Benz Türk therefore serves as an important component of our company’s production network, which allows us to manufacture flexibly and competitively over the long-term.”

Since its founding, Mercedes-Benz Türk has also made a major contribution to Turkey’s economic development. The company is now not only Turkey’s number one exporter of commercial vehicles, but also one of the largest capital investors in the country. To ensure that it can continue to meet customer demands, the company is focusing its efforts on increasing the efficiency of its production processes and on enhancing the quality and sophistication of its products.

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