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August 1888 – 120 years ago:
Joined by her two sons Eugen and Richard, Bertha Benz undertakes the first car journey of any considerable distance in automotive history. A three-wheeler Benz patent motor car takes her from Mannheim to Pforzheim via Heidelberg, Bruchsal and Durlach, returning via Bretten and Bruchsal.

August 29, - September 5, 1948 – 60 years ago:
As early as the first agricultural fair after the end of World War II, Daimler-Benz impressed the expert world with the unparalleled concept of the Unimog, which comprised a chassis with two rigid axles – permitting a high degree of articulation - and coil springs, located by thrust arms and radius rods, with four-wheel drive and four equal-sized wheels. Production initially started at Böhringer, a mechanical engineering factory in Göppingen, in 1948. After 600 units built, production was relocated to the Gaggenau factory of Daimler-Benz in 1951.

Other memorable dates:

August 15, 1883 – 125 years ago: The Kurtz bell-foundry in Stuttgart supplies Gottlieb Daimler with cast-iron components for his first internal combustion engine with horizontal cylinder. This first – comparatively high-speed – trial engine soon goes into testing.

August 1958 – 50 years ago: Newly founded Mercedes-Benz Sales, Inc. (MBS) – a subsidiary company of Studebaker-Packard based in South Bend, Indiana – assumes responsibility for Mercedes-Benz passenger car sales in the USA. The move heralds a revival in the brand's US sales figures.

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