WEIRD: Mercedes-Benz Studie Concept BlueZero headed for NAIAS Detroit 2009 - First leaked images

Mercedes-Benz is ready to unveil a very weird, bionic-looking, but innovative electrically-powered concept car at next year's NAIAS Detroit.

The car is called Studie Concept BlueZero and it is packed with MB's latest eco technologies. Dr. Thomas and Weber, Head of Research & Development Department at Daimler AG, states that the car somehow previews the next generation of small models, of course, the A-Klasse and B-Klasse.

The BlueZero Concept will be presented in 3 versions:BlueZero E-CELL, BlueZero F-CELL and BlueZero E-CELL PLUS.

The electric unit develops a 100 kW max. output and 70 kW in normal use. The maximum torque is of about 320 Nm. Road performance is not impressive, but we are talking about an eco-car:150 km/h max. speed and less than 11 seconds to reach 100 km/h.
The autonomy is of about 200 km, whereas recharging the baterries after they ran out of "fuel" takes 3 to 4 hours. The car uses refrigerated Li-Ion batteries, Brake Energy Regeneration and it offers 5 seats plus a luggage compartment of 500 litres.

The F-CELL version features greater autonomy:400 km. The electric engine is used while parking;when accelerating the car, both engines work together as a hybrid.

The E-CELL PLUS model will be powered by the same electric unit, but also by a 3-cylinder 68 HP SMART petrol engine, that will be placed where the spare wheel normally seats. The internal combustion engine will also charge the batteries during the driving process. This will boost the autonomy even further:600 km are expected, taking into consideration the average fuel consumption of the 3-cylinder petrol engine, which is around 4.5 litres/100 km.

The new environmentally friendly technologies and systems that are to be previewed on Mercedes-Benz Studie Concept BlueZero will arrive on series MB models in 4 years, which seems to be a reasonable amount of time in order to make the new green cars fully attractive to potential customers.

Source:Auto Bild

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