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The first 'unofficially' official photos of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W212 were first posted on by a user called car_checka. The same user has later posted crucial information about the versions which the new E-Klasse will be offered in and the way they will be differentiated via exterior design changes.

First of all, there will be three variants of the same car:the basic level(which, as you can see, won't be named 'Classic' anymore), Elegance, and the top-of-the-range, Avantgarde. The basic model will boast a radiator grille consisting of 3, grey painted louvres, plus a set of double fog lights(Day Running Light + Fog Light). The Elegance version will be wearing a radiator grille with 4, grey painted louvres, plus LED Technology fog lights. The E-Klasse Avantgarde will make anyone salivate with an exquisite, 3-louvre, black painted radiator grille and LED Technology fog lights.

All the versions will use LED Technology for the rear lights, and if Intelligent Lighting System(ILS) is chosen, then there will also be added LED Technology blinkers for the front and rear lights. However, the basic level E-Klasse won't be equipped with Xenon-ILS for the headlights.

In terms of the number of exhaust pipes, the next scheme could easily be the real one:

- 4 cylinders, diesel engine >> no visible exhaust pipes
- 4 cylinders, petrol engine >> one, visible, oval exhaust pipe
- 6 cylinders, diesel engine >> two, visible, oval exhaust pipes(one on each side)
- 8 cylinders, petrol engine >> two, visible, rectangular exhaust pipes(one on each side)

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