2009 - What Merc goodies will it bring?

2009 is approaching fast and, as we have already done it before, we would like to sketch the new year in terms of the new Mercedes-Benz models which are to be unveiled.

In 2008 Mercedes-Benz began the revamping process of its range, which included the next model ranges:A-Klasse, B-Klasse, CLS-Klasse, G-Klasse, M-Klasse, SL-Klasse, SLK-Klasse. The Stuttgart carmaker has also presented two other models:a completely new one, the GLK-Klasse, and a substantially modified one, the CLC-Klasse(from the CL203 C-Klasse Sportcoupe).

The aggenda for 2009 is also busy for Mercedes-Benz.

We begin with the most important premiere, the new E-Klasse models.

After an agonizing await, we shall finally be able to officially see the new E-Klasse Limousine in January 2009(some say 10th of January). The new E-Klasse Coupe(possibly badged CLE) will follow shortly after then. Anyway, both models will be premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2009. The T-Modell, the Cabriolet and the AMG variants will be introduced at the 2009 IAA Frankfurt. To sum up, 4 completely new models(including the AMG versions) under the same range.

Stage 2 of the revamping process that began in 2008 will include further models:S-Klasse, CL-Klasse, GL-Klasse, R-Klasse.

The S-Klasse FL could be unveiled at Geneva, with sales beginning in summer 2009, whereas the other three models should come step by step, in the mentioned order, up to the end of the year.

In 2009, Mercedes-Benz will also drop the SLR range, as the partnership with McLaren will come to an end and there are no plans of renewing the contract.

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