2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Coupe Analysis

We have decided to take three spy photos of the new E-Klasse Coupe(the cleanest ones, so far) and carefully inspect them, pointing out the main design characteristics of the soon-to-be-unveiled sporty Stuttgarter.

What we found out:

-If you were not already sure, the new E-Klasse Coupe will boast double, trapezoidal headlights.

-Unfortunately for those who hate the idea of double fog lights, they will clearly become reality.

-After a careful look, we can state that the Coupe will remain an E, thus contradicting those claiming that it will be badged CLE.

-The shape of the taillights will be different for the coupe and for the limousine.

-We would have preferred a new design for the rims that will equip high-end models, because it seems that they are very much resembling a set of rims currently offered for the CLC-Klasse.

-The intriguing, triangular piece of glass located at the rear section of the side windows will enter into series production. Although some(meaning many) can't accept this situation...

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