SPY:2011 CLS-Klasse

The first test mule of the next generation CLS has been recently caught by photographers while having a little "rest".

The mule we are talking about is, as you see, supplied by the current CLS-Klasse model, precisely the CLS 63 AMG. However, there are some minor details that depict the 2011 CLS-the wheel arches appear to be more proeminent and are also covered in key parts by camouflage tape, possibly hiding important design lines or measuring instruments. The same story for a small part from the rear end of the car. And there is also another particular detail that often appears on test cars:the rims of the front wheels are different from those of the rear wheels.

The first real test prototypes are to hit roads in late 2009. The public display of the new CLS is due to take place one year later, in late 2010, as a 2011 model. The next generation CLS-Klasse is expected to grow in size, as to offer space for a new, smaller 4-door coupe. According to insiders, the 2011 CLS will feature the S-Klasse technical platform(N.B.:the current CLS-Klasse shares the platform with the E-Klasse).

Source:Motor Authority

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