2015: 20% of total production=hybrid models

Klaus Maier, Sales and Marketing Director at Mercedes-Benz, announced in an interview that, by the year 2015, 20% of all Mercedes-Benz models built will feature hybrid technologies.

The Stuttgart-based carmaker is now focusing on the launch in 2009 of the S 400 BlueHYBRID, boasting a minor fuel consumption and reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. The unit under the bonnet of the limousine will be linked to the first ever-used-on-a-car Li-Ion battery.

In the aid of the new eco-car and in order to raise sales figures, the purchase price of Mercedes-Benz hybrid models will be significantly lower than those of other conventional engine versions.

Klaus Maier also added that the accomplishment of this optimistic target depends mostly on how restrictive the government's future policies will be.


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