Possible name changes for next Mercedes-Benz models

After the first info & pics with the ConceptFASCINATION appeared, there also showed up some articles about MB's intention to modify the name of the next generation CLK-Klasse.

The new name will be practically an existenting one. The coupe/cabriolet will enter in the E-Klasse range, so the future name of the CLK will probably be E-Klasse Coupe/Cabrio. Apart from the fact that nothing is, at the moment, 100% completely sure, we also learn that the Stuttgart carmaker has recently registered the CLE name, which really makes us wonder how will be the car that will carry it?We can only suspect a possible younger brother for the CLS(one to compete with VW Passat CC), or a toned-down series production version of the Mercedes-Benz ConceptFASCINATION.

From our point of view, the situation goes simply like this:CLK-Klasse has always been, visually and technically speaking, closer to E-Klasse range than to the C-Klasse. The name also suggests that CLK is linked to CL-Klasse, the only major difference being made by the size, price and a part of the equipment, a fact shown by the letter K, that stands for 'Kurz'(meaning short). Moreover, the CLK has been out there for two generations, and MB clients or automotive fans avoid a slightly improbable confusion of putting the CLK model in the C-Klasse range, due to the presence of letter C. One more argument draws the attention to the current Mercedes-Benz way of naming its beautiful coupes. Everything starts from CL, meaning 'Coupe Leicht', and goes goes on with CLS(4door coupe placed below S-Klasse), CLK('Coupe Leicht Kurz') and CLC(a hatchback coupe model within the C-Klasse range). So, the name change for the next CLK would simply ruin these standards and prematurely destroy the coupe's history. Mercedes-Benz, please don't do that!Stick to the important matters and leave the CLK as it is!

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