RUMOR: Mercedes-Benz allegedly prepping a sports van for the future generation C-Class

One year ago, we were reporting on Mercedes-Benz's plans to offer a new variant in the E-Class portfolio beginning with the next generation (W 213) due in 2016: a versatile van. According to the article, that particular model would also serve as a replacement for the slow-selling R-Class. Now, it appears Mercedes-Benz is working on a new sports van version for the future generation C-Class as well, which is prone to arrive in 3-4 years.

This is not the first time we hear this kind of 'gossip': in March 2010 we were revealing the carmaker's intention to produce a C-Class W 205 based van possibly dubbed CLR. Given the portfolio expansion in the premium segment of the last years and the anticipated growth based on niche models, it does not sound too fictional that Mercedes-Benz wants to reposition the lineup of models to customer demands. And the new C-Class van, a family-oriented car with dynamic potential and a versatile interior, could be the first to enter a new class in 2015. Together with the rumored E-Class Van that follows one year after, it will build up a serious competition for BMW's 5er GT and 3er GT. It remains much of a mystery whether Mercedes-Benz will discontinue the R-Class, as last week's press release expressed clearly the introduction of a fifth model to be assembled at Tuscaloosa alongside the M-, R-, GL- and C-Class. Which could spell a better fortune for the Grand Sports Tourer in the new sports vans family from Mercedes-Benz.

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