SPY:S-Klasse test prototypes caught in the U.S.

Today was the day dedicated to spy photos. After the E and the CLK, it's time to see how are things going with the testing of the facelifted S-Klasse, due for launch next year as a 2010 model.

Weeks ago, we presented you photos of a pre-series version of the 2010 S 65 AMG model tested in USA (see article >> HERE), and now it is the turn of the non-AMG S-Klasse to show up in spy photos. We don't comment further on the change in aesthetics for the 2010 S, as we've already done it in previous articles(see articles >> 1 & 2). Let's then focus on the technical specs. First of all, the refreshed S-Klasse will become greener with the introduction of new, ecological power units, like the S 400 HYBRID and the S 300 BLUETEC HYBRID. The unit under the bonnet of the S 400 HYBRID will consist of a petrol V6, capable of developing 275 BHP, and a hybrid module, that together will raise the output up to 295 BHP, while the maximum torque will gravitate around 376 Nm. S 400 HYBRID should be able to reach 100 km/h within 7.3 seconds, while the top speed will be electronically governed at 250 km/h. This model will also be fitted with start/stop function and with a clever stuff that will pump energy back into the lithium-ion battery when the car brakes. The combined fuel consumption is leveled at 6.57 litres/100 km, whereas the CO2 emmision will score a good number:190 g/km. Passing on to S 300 BLUETEC HYBRID, it will use a 2.1 litres twin turbo 4-cyl. inline diesel unit coupled with a hybrid module, developing together 221 BHP and a staggering 560 Nm max. torque. The performance numbers are not as good as in the case of the S 400 HYBRID:241 km/h and 8.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h. However, the combined fuel consumption numbers are far better, meaning just 4.49 litres/100 km. The CO2 emmision is close to the 140 g/km level:142 g/km. The AdBlue solution will decrease the amount of NOx emmitted by up to 80 percent, so the S 300 BLUETEC HYBRID is clearly a very clean car. Ecologically speaking. Mercedes-Benz are also talking about a S 400 BLUETEC HYBRID version, but expect it to come to reality only after 2010. Until then, the MB engineers are busy developing a new, more powerful hybrid module, that should produce 60 HP, compared to the current 19-20 HP.

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