BREAKING NEWS:Mercedes-Benz wants to buy McLaren

Everything is unpredictable on the financial market. A proper demonstration of the case is the latest information which states that Mercedes-Benz is interested in acquiring McLaren. The route to be followed is simple:the German carmaker wants to raise its participation at McLaren over the current 40% share, and so, to become the major investor at the British manufacturer.


Martin Whitmarsh, CEO Formula 1 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes:
“It’s an interesting issue and a dilemma that faces the shareholders of this business - and to some extent the management. But I would be deeply disturbed if Mercedes had no real interest in acquiring us. I think it’s a tangible demonstration of their commitment to this. They have a lot of investments already sunk in their formula one endeavors, and the fact that they would like to acquire control is a healthy ambition.”

Norbert Haug, Vice-President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport: “The question is how successful you are. It’s not a question of what percentage you own. It’s a question of how many points you have on your account at the end of the year. And so far we have more points for less money — for a car manufacturer.”

Via Motor Authority

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