2010:MB model lineup to be powered by turbocharged engines

In a recent interview, Dr. Thomas Weber, Head of Research and Development at Daimler AG, stated that, by the end of 2010, all Mercedes-Benz models will be powered by new, state-of-the-art technology, environmentally safe turbocharged units. This is a brainy decision, knowing the actual situation, when every carmaker tries the best to go green. Turbocharging is a rational solution, which allowes the reduction in engine weight and dimensions without affecting performance, plus it is also a clean method to keep Mother Earth alive and green, because of the low-emission and consumption levels. The first step was made in 2007, with the exceptional 1.8 litres 4-cylinders inline DIESOTTO engine, which delivers an impressive 238 BHP output, while the overall fuel consumption is of only 6 litres/100 kilometres, and this calculated in a S-Klasse model. In addition, Mercedes-Benz won't forget other ECO alternatives, such as hybrid engines(set to appear in 2009 on the current S-Klasse), fuell-cell units and electrically-powered cars. So, Mercedes-Benz will slowly, but surely, enter the field of zero-emssion vehicles. Expect the first production series Smart fortwo ed(electric drive) to appear in 2010, followed in less than one year by a F-CELL model.

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