Possible version differenciation for the future E

"I just notice, these latest photos shows the grill with 4 horizontal bars, while other versions have 3."-these are monster's words, a user from Germancarzone forum, who seems to have very good eyes. He spotted a difference in the number of horizontal bars in the radiator grilles of the E prototypes that no one has been aware of. The explanation for this feature comes from another user from the same forum, called M.Toni:"Good observing - might be because one is for Avantgarde and the other for Elegance version. This just occured to me - there might be no star in the grill like on the C class but the are going to differ them from each other by number of bars in the grill.". So, although the E won't have the Star on the radiator grille like the C, Mercedes-Benz will try to differentiate its versions. Probably, the Elegance will have 4 orizontal bars, and the Avantgarde 3.

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