2011 Preview:A- & B-Klasse

After the talks with BMW failed to have a happy end, Mercedes-Benz decided it will go on its own to build the next generation of the A- & B-Klasse. The reason for postponing the launch up to late 2011 is the fact that now Merc has to work a completely new platform, developed specially for these models. Unfortunately, the ones who expected a RWD platform will be disappointed to hear that the A & B will continue to use a FWD configuration. To reduce costs, the SANDWITCH solution won't be offered anymore, but it is very possible that the new platform will lower the car very much, some say evem much lower than its opponents, the 1er & A3. Merc will also give the new platform a name:MFA or Mercedes-Benz Frontwheel Architecture. Most interesting details come from the versions expected for the 'first letters of the alphabet':journalists predict, alongside with the regular hatch, a new mini-SUV, a sporty hatch, a cabriolet or even a 4door-coupe. To help Mother Nature live, MB will also use the intelligent BLUETEC solutions on the smallest cars on its model range. Obviously, if the eco rules are to be infringed, then the future A- & B-Klasse buyers will be delighted to hear they will be able to choose more varied and sporty engines than in the present.

Via Motor Authority!

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