Mercedes-Benz is the partner of 'ASMALLWORLD' exclusive online community


Mercedes-Benz consistently uses new approaches in communication to further expand its targeted, direct appeals to customers
ASMALLWORLD is a global invitation only online social network and integrated media company
Partnership encompasses online and offline activities with informative and interactive branded entertainment

Stuttgart– Mercedes-Benz continues to use new approaches in communication: the Stuttgart-based automotive brand is forging a strategic partnership with the exclusive online community ASMALLWORLD (ASW/, to further expand its targeted, direct marketing to consumers. ASMALLWORLD is an invitation only network with over 300,000 members from more than 200 countries. The partnership encompasses informative branded entertainment in the form of an Automotive Forum, blogs for prominent personalities, inclusion in the event calendar and ASW’s Internet TV, and invitations to important Mercedes-Benz events for selected members.

“The Mercedes-Benz brand is now precisely where we can directly appeal to people in their everyday living environments,” says Dr. Olaf Göttgens, Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars. “This is why we are continually expanding beyond the classic communication channels - and this partnership opens up a new channel that makes direct dialogue possible. The partnership with the ASW community enables us to reach a young, influential target group, and to become part of their everyday interactions.”
“ASMALLWORLD is the premier network on the internet catering to the world’s most influential audience,” says Joe Robinson, CEO and President of ASMALLWORLD. “I believe that ASMALLWORLD provides an incredible media opportunity for Mercedes-Benz. A partnership of this magnitude has yet to be seen on the internet, the collaboration holds exciting possibilities for all involved.”
In addition to the platform for classic online marketing and comprehensive information on the Mercedes-Benz brand, this collaboration opens up numerous new opportunities both online and offline.
Most notably, Mercedes-Benz is sponsoring the new ASW TV feature and will be the first ASW brand partner to broadcast. This will make it possible for Mercedes-Benz and ASMALLWORLD to benefit from synergy effects with, the Mercedes-Benz IPTV platform. Additionally, the partnership encompasses exciting branded entertainment in the form of an Automotive Forum, interactive blogs featuring prominent personalities from the automotive and driving industry, inclusion in ASMALLWORLD Global Events Calendar and invitations to exclusive Mercedes-Benz events such as Berlin Fashion Week and the Laureus Sports Awards.

About ASMALLWORLD:ASMALLWORLD is a global invitation-only online community that uniquely brings together a valuable group of trendsetting individuals who share a similar peer group and interests. ASMALLWORLD is an integrated media company ideally suited to advertising partners who seek to target the world’s tastemakers and develop significant share-of-mind among this influential group.

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