Maybach grabs hold of another possible chance at a better life

After the latest inside rumors revealed, the big conclusion that rises is there's some hope for the Maybach-Manufaktur as officials have produced another variant to save the dying luxury firm. If at the beginning methods included the discontinuation process beginning with this year and a strategic alliance with Aston Martin, now we found out that Maybach could be converted into a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz. In this position, the uber-premium brand would be in charge of creating unique and exquisite variants for the upscale models in the portfolio of the Stuttgart-based manufacturer, such as the S-Class (Limousine and future Coupe model), the GL-Class and the SL-Class. However, the outcome is still in doubt at the moment, as a final decision on the subject is to be taken by the end of July, appearantly (not June, as previously claimed). If you want our (unbiased) opinion, we say Maybach will live on after that crucial date. It would be very sad if it didn't...

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