Canadian F1 Grand Prix 2011: Further Sunday Photos (MGP + VMM)

Sunday's race at Montréal will obviously remain as one of the most unforgettable and epic grands prix ever held in Formula 1. The heavy rain clouds menaced the good course of the Canadian stage and brought a terrible downpour to the circuit, which led stewards to the decision of stopping the race by lap 25. Water was practically inundating the track and workers were fighting hard to drain it and restore the surface as for the drivers to be able to compete in safe conditions. More than 2 hours and a half passed and the race was re-started under the safety car. After it was conceived that things is OK, the racers got the green light for racing in lap 33. An unprecented tale of events followed, with a lot of incidents happening and the overall hierarchy constantly changing. As the tarmac was drying, contenders at the front were posting faster lap records. For a period, former champion Michael Schumacher managed to get his MGP W02 up to second position, after a series of superb overtakings. However, he was then forced to slow the pace because of tyre wear-out and thus finished the race on 4th. Jenson Button, that went from agony to ecstasy, scored a sensational victory at the end of the race (also due to Sebastian Vettel's mistake in the final lap), in which he had pitted for six times, had collided with his mate Lewis Hamilton, had suffered a tyre puncture, had been forced to comply with a drive-through penalty and start all over again from the last place.

Check out more images captured on Sunday in Canada after the break!


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