Future Projects: New details on the upcoming SLC AMG supercar surface

Not long ago, we were writing Mercedes-Benz has plans to introduce a new, smaller supercar, placed below the current SLS AMG, in the forthcoming years. The Affalterbach-based tuned will be in charge with the development of the car and insiders have lately revealed that the future SLC will pack a newly-engineered V6 engine, boasting twin-turbocharging to deliver impressive performance: peak output could reach a value between 350 and 500 ponnies, while maximum torque is prone to display huge values, probably well over 650 Nm. The Mercedes-Benz SLC will sport a more dynamic, sleek and sporty silhouette and conventional doors, not Gullwing, as those are reserved for the "bigger brother" only. As a consequence, we must stress out the fact we believe the new supercar won't be a successor for the SLS AMG, as rumored by some websites. If you were wondering about the price of the hyper Merc, sources suggest it may not exceed 100,000 euros. Anyway, if the new SLC AMG will be approved for serial production, then it might reach showrooms either in 2014 (too early, we say) or later (mid-2015 or 2016).

Photo: Autobild

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