SPY - 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse (W 222)

Mercedes-Benz engineers are currently busy, among other future models to be revealed, with the testing and development of the new generation of the brand flagship: the W 222 S-Klasse, which might be revealed in late 2012.

The forthcoming "S" will boast an extensive array high-end technology. According to insiders, as well to Dr. Thomas Weber, who hinted some of the features the new car will have, the engine lineup for the W 222 will be entirely revised, with a key importance being awarded to developing fuel- and emission-efficient solutions. The possibility of an all-hybrid powerplant portfolio is still pretty much solid. Apart from the new MoVe V6 and V8 units, which will power versions such S 350 and S 500, Mercedes-Benz is also supposedly working on engineering a brand new generation of what is the epitome of engines - a V12 motor for the S 600 top-of-the-range model (read more about this issue >> HERE).

The 2013 S-Klasse will also pay attention to offering a complete comfort for the passengers inside it, as the car will be equipped with the exclusive PRE-SCAN system, that detects all the imperfection of the road surface and, as a consequence, adjusts the suspensions and springs by calculating the optimal parameters for achieving a smooth ride. Moreover, an all new, internet-based infotainment system is also expected to make its debut onto the W 222. It will group technical advances from both SERVO-HMI and myCOMAND systems, which were previewed on the F 700 and, respectively, ConceptFASCINATION prototypes.

Source of the photos >> Motor Authority

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