SPY - New photos of the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Klasse + possible test mule for the future baby SLS AMG

This time, apart from capturing a test prototype of the R172, photographers managed to snap 3 photos of a weird test mule, probably designated to the rumoured baby SLS AMG.

As expected, the 2012 SLK-Klasse will embrace the design philosophy that was premierly showcased on the recently launched SLS AMG, in the same way the current SLK was SLR McLaren's little brother, with the F1-inspired nose. Sticking to a more classic look won't neccessarily mean this upcoming Stuttgart roadster would lose its sporty appearance. The new headlights, the LED projectors and, last but not least, the giant radiator grille a la SLS-all of them will add to a very dynamic stance. The rear end will be a bit toned down, in order to counterbalance the front end. It also appears that the interior and dashboard of the future SLK will be an evolution of the SLS's ones.

In the photos there also appears a very intriguing SLK prototype, that may hide the underpinnings of a new niche supercar, placed below the SLS AMG. The test mule is depicted by the differently-shaped front and rear wings(with the white-black tape on them), which probably feature improved air intakes, as well as camouflaging the measuring instruments.

We shall learn more as more test prototypes will hit the streets.

Source >> WorldCarFans

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