Daimler Heritage: TOPICS FOR DECEMBER 2009

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10–18 December 1924 – 85 years ago: The 15/70/100 hp and 24/100/140 hp Mercedes models made their debut at the Berlin Motor Show. The two supercharged cars were the latest top-of-the-range models in the sales programme.

10 December 1934 – 75 years ago: 311.98 km/h was the new speed record set over five kilometres with a flying start on the Avus racetrack in Berlin by Rudolf Caracciola driving the record-breaking Mercedes-Benz W 25.

24 December 1949 – 60 years ago: Production of the first Mercedes-Benz omnibus – an O 3500 – in Mannheim after the Second World War.(more about the Mercedes-Benz Bus History)

6 December 1954 – 55 years ago: Mercedes-Benz presented the O 321 H omnibus, whose semi-integral design marked a fundamental turning point in Mercedes-Benz omnibus construction.(more about the Mercedes-Benz Bus History)

December 1984 – 25 years ago: Delivery of the first of the new O 405 standard line buses.(more about the Mercedes-Benz Bus History)

20 December 1994 – 15 years ago: The decision on where to locate smart production fell in favour of Hambach-Saargemünd plant.

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