The new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - PART VII


Laguna Seca, USA, Nov 02, 2009

Interior and appointments: Perfectly tailored for two

- Wide-opening gullwing doors for easy entry and exit
- Sports seats with magnesium backrests
- AMG DRIVE UNIT for individualised set-up
- Extensive standard appointments including COMAND APS
- Optional Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG surround sound system

The low seating position typical of a sports car, perfect ergonomics and a high
level of long-distance comfort -- the occupants of the SLSAMGare treated to a very special interior. One important criterion for customer satisfaction is ease of access and egress through the exclusive gullwing doors. At the design stage great attention was paid to the widest possible opening angle – it is a full 70 degrees. Equally importantly, the distance between the open doors and the road surface is a generous 1.49 metres, while the entry aperture between the open doors and the upper edge of the door sills measures no less than 1.08 metres. The entry height, i.e. the distance between the road surface and the door sills, is a very low 45 centimetres.

As another important criterion for dignified access and egress, thanks to two gas-pressure struts positioned next to the door hinges only very little pressure is required when opening and closing the doors – even at very low ambient temperatures.
The gullwing doors require less opening space than conventional coupé doors, and can be fully opened in a standard garage. The door is opened from inside by a handle finished in Silver Shadow. The grip section of the armrest moulded into the interior door panel enables problem-free door closing. The operating keys for the power windows, central locking system and exterior mirror adjustment are also located in the interior door panels for easy access.

Low seating position, sports seats with magnesium backrests

A seating height of only 368 millimetres above the road surface guarantees that typical sports car feeling. At the same time the relatively steep angle of the windscreen ensures good all-round visibility. The feeling of comfortable spaciousness is in large measure due to the generous shoulder-room of 1483 millimetres and elbow room of no less than 1606 millimetres. In conjunction with the generous maximum headroom of 990 millimetres and effective legroom for the driver of 1058 millimetres, the result is a low but extremely relaxed seating position.

The sports seats with integrated head restraints feature so-called two-zone seat cushions. Prominent side bolsters with a harder foam filling provide optimal lateral support, while the inner areas of the seat cushion and backrest are softer for a high level of comfort on long journeys. A black designo leather interior is standard equipment. The seat backrests are made from magnesium, a high-tech material that combines light weight with high strength. This leads to significant advantages where weight distribution and a low centre of gravity are concerned.

The fore-and-aft position, seat height, backrest angle, seat cushion angle and steering column are manually adjustable. These functions, including the seat cushion angle, can also be fully electric if the optional Memory package is specified. In addition three individual seat positions can be stored in memory. The Memory package also includes four-way lumbar supports and adjustable side bolsters in the seat backs for better lateral support when cornering at speed. Standard appointments also include three-stage seat heating and the child seat recognition function in the passenger seat.

Performance steering wheel with high-quality, solid metal trim

The adjustment range of the Performance steering wheel is 60 millimetres axially and 2.3 degrees either up or down – this applies to both manual and electric adjustment. The steering wheel is lined in perforated leather in the specially formed grip area, and has high-quality, solid metal trim and a rim with a diameter of 370 millimetres, which a flattened profile in the lower section. The best possible vehicle control is not least ensured by the specially formed steering wheel cross-section. A Performance steering wheel in leather/Alcantara is available as an option.

The seven years of the double-declutch transmission are shifted using solid metal shift paddles. A brief pull on the left (–) or right (+) shift paddle is enough to engage the required gear. Multifunction keys in the left and right steering wheel spokes provide rapid access to the audio, telephone and navigation functions, and to the LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system. The main menu in the instrument cluster can also be accessed using the ergonomically shaped steering wheel keys.

AMG DRIVE UNIT with new E-SELECT lever

One of the visual and functional highlights in the interior of the SLSAMGis the
solid centre console, which immediately calls an aircraft cockpit to mind. All the central control functions including the AMGDRIVE UNIT, which is inclined towards the driver, are grouped on this striking, solid-metal feature also optionally available in genuine carbon fibre. The new AMGE-SELECT shift lever for the AMGSPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission also has a jet aircraft look: the one-touch drive-by-wire system enables the driver to shift between P, R, N and D extremely rapidly. When the car is stationary, simply pressing the P-key activates the parking position – this also happens automatically when the engine is switched off. To the left are the rotary controls for the transmission's driving modes, including RACESTART, as well as the keys for engine starting, the ESP®functions, the AMGmemory function and the extendable rear aerofoil.

The AMG instrument cluster provides a wealth of information

The instrument cluster is ideally positioned in the driver's field of vision. The two dial instruments indicate the vehicle speed and engine revs, with two small displays showing the fuel level and engine oil temperature integrated into them. When the ignition is switched on, the needles of the speedometer and rev counter spin round to their maximum position in unison, then immediately return to their original position. A 4.5-inch central display is positioned between the dial instruments. This shows e.g. the odometer reading, remaining range, fuel consumption, driven distance and time and average speed. The AMG main menu not only shows the tyre pressure of each individual wheel, but also has three modes providing comprehensive driver information: "Warm Up", "Set Up" and "RACE". Warm Up shows the coolant and transmission oil temperatures, while Set Up shows the currently selected ESP® mode. Race displays the RACETIMER, which enables the driver to record lap times on a racetrack. All the functions in the central display can be conveniently controlled using the multifunction keys in the steering wheel.

Permanently displayed information includes the currently selected gear and the activated driving mode of the double-declutch transmission – plus the time of day, ambient temperature and digital speed. Information on the navigation
system, audio functions and telephone, individual vehicle settings and the ASSYST PLUSservice interval display can be accessed in the central display.

The gearshift indicator is located above the display, and therefore ideally in the driver's field of vision: seven LEDs coloured white, yellow and red indicate the necessary upshift if the driver of the SLSAMGhas selected the manual (M) transmission mode. The faster the engine speed approaches the maximum of 7200 rpm, the more LEDs light up.

COMAND APS with DVD player as standard equipment

The centre console is also designed with the best possible ergonomics in mind. The upper section has an array of keys for the COMAND APSmultimedia system. All the functions of the radio, DVDplayer, telephone and navigation system can be controlled from here. When switched on, the 7-inch colour display in the dashboard shows the unmistakable AMGlogo for ten seconds – and depending on the function, a high-resolution map or other information such as the radio station, music track or telephone keypad. The Europe-wide navigation system has a 40-gigabyte hard disc on which the navigation data are stored, which means that route calculation is extremely rapid.

The car radio with integrated CD/DVD player features an FM/MW/SW and LW twin tuner with automatic station search, RDS, a 4 x 25 watt amplifier and a total of 6 loudspeakers. In addition, COMAND APSincludes a music server with a memory capacity of 4 gigabytes, which enables the driver to store up to 1000 music files. A DVDplayer for video and audio is also on board, and an integrated 6-disc DVDchanger is available on request. Below the DVDaperture the unit has an adapter that enables various PC memory cards for the reproduction of music files to be used. External audio devices such as an "iPod" can be connected to COMAND APSvia the optional Media Interface. As a standard feature, Mercedes-Benz combines COMAND APSwith the LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system and the Bluetooth interface, which provides a wireless connection between the mobile phone and the hands-free system.

The Controller directly integrated into the centre console operates the mutimedia system COMAND APS. This rotary/push control can be moved in seven directions: turning the controller selects the main menu and submenus on the display, while pushing it activates or confirms the displayed function or setting. The buttons next to the Controller marked with "R" and "C" symbols are used to quit submenus quickly or delete entries.

Optional Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG surround sound system

The new sound system realised by Mercedes-Benz and AMGtogether with the famous Danish audio specialist Bang & Olufsen was developed specifically for the SLSAMG. The surround-sound system with Dolby Digital 5.1 provides an exclusive listening experience at the highest level. This is not only thanks to the amplifier with a total output of 1000 watts and 11 loudspeakers, but also to the sound processor's precise distribution of the music signals to selectable driver, passenger or central positions. The digital sound processor (DSP) also makes it possible to choose between a high-end studio sound ("Reference") and surround-sound. All the functions are controlled via a special Bang & Olufsen menu in COMAND APS. Particular highlights are provided by the two 250-watt subwoofers integrated into the parcel shelf and the illuminated 50-watt tweeters on the dashboard. High-quality loudspeaker covers bearing the Bang & Olufsen logo indicate the exceptional status of this high-end system.

THERMOTRONIC comfort automatic climate control as standard

Where climatic comfort is concerned, the new Gullwing sports car likewise meets the high expectations that await a super-sports car from Mercedes-Benz and AMG. The sophisticated THERMOTRONIC two-zone comfort automatic climate control system is included as standard. A powerful air conditioning compressor ensures rapid cooling of the interior; the cooled air flows from the four multi-adjustable vents in the dashboard, two apertures in the A-pillars, three on the windscreen and one in each footwell. Sensors constantly monitor the interior temperature, the temperature of the air flowing from the air vents, the air moisture content and the intensity and angle of the sun. A pollutant sensor recognises excessive carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide concentrations in the outside air, and automatically closes the air recirculation flap if levels of these pollutants increase rapidly.

The modern, short-travel control keys in the SLSAMGrequire an operating force of only four newtons. All keys and switches are treated with Softtouch paint, which creates a silky sheen and a soft surface. The homogeneous, amber-coloured illumination of the control symbols ensures easy recognition, and also underlines the high-quality appearance of the interior when driving at night.

A wealth of stowage spaces for typical Mercedes day-to-day suitability

The interior of the SLS AMG also impresses with the practical stowage space that makes for the day-to-day suitability typical of a Mercedes. The 3.7-litre glove compartment with a spectacles compartment is integrated into the dashboard on the passenger side. To the right of the E-SELECT shift lever there is a small stowage tray with a 12 V socket, or on request an ashtray with cigar lighter. The armrest behind the centre console not only serves to operate the COMAND Controller: at the touch of a button, the armrest can be moved in two stages to reveal a stowage compartment underneath. This has two cupholders and the telephone cradle (optional). Other items can be stowed on the rear wall between the seats and in the parcel net in the passenger footwell. Two fixed clothes hooks are attached to the seat backrests, while those in the roof liner fold down and are silicon-insulated.
The button to unlock the boot lid is located underneath the light switch. Alternatively the boot can be opened using the button on the ignition key. The luggage compartment has a capacity of up to 176 litres (VDA measuring method). Load
securing eyes fitted as standard enable luggage to be securely fixed in place.

Overview of the comprehensive standard equipment (selection):

Floor mats with AMGlogo
Interior in black designo leather
Anti-theft alarm system with tow-away protection and interior monitoring
Electric parking brake
Headlamp Assist
KEYLESS-GO start function
Rain sensor
Tyre pressure monitoring system
Heated sports seats
Sports pedals in brushed stainless steel with rubber studs
Cruise control with SPEEDTRONIC
Optional extras include the following:
6-disc DVDchanger
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMGsurround sound system
Interior appointments in designo single-tone Exclusive leather
Interior appointments in designo two-tone Exclusive leather
Interior appointments in designo Exclusive light brown natural leather/woven leather
Paintwork in "AMG ALU-BEAM silver"
Paintwork in "AMG monzagrey magno"
Paintwork in "designo magno allanite grey"
Media interface
Memory package with electric seat and steering column adjustment, as well as a four-way lumbar support

The AMG Performance Studio also enables even the most discerning individual customer requirements for the SLS AMGto be met:

Carbon-fibre exterior mirrors
Carbon-fibre engine compartment cover
Carbon-fibre trim (front stowage tray and rear stowage compartment incl. lid, AMG DRIVE UNITsurround, surrounds for the centre console, shiftgate and rear, trim strips for centre console and door armrests
Interior Carbon Package (carbon-fibre trim, trim on seat backrest and side, door sill panels)
Light-alloy wheels in a 5-twin-spoke design, size 9.5 x 19 inches (front) and 11.0 x 20 inches (rear), tyre sizes 265/35 R 19 (front) and 295/30 R 20 (rear)
Performance suspension with a stiffer setup for optimum lateral dynamics
Performance steering wheel in leather/Alcantara
Forged wheels in a 10-spoke design, size 9.5 x 19 inches (front) and 11.0 x 20 inches (rear), with tyre size 265/35 R 19 (front) and 295/30 R 20 (rear)
Sports bucket seats

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