Exclusive photo:the dashboard of the 2010 E-Klasse

I have recently found the above photo, depicting the dashboard of the 2010 E-Klasse, on the Germancarzone. It's a real progress, as we haven't seen such a photo since long time ago. The quality of the image is medium to good, so we can distinguish the important lines in the dashboard of the future E. Elegance and style are the key words here, with the abundence of wood, aluminium and crome trims + the never absent fine leather upholstery. Judging by the design, the E dashboard is a clear evolution from the C dashboard, and with the help of the rectangular shape, we are allowed to say it is a clear return to the roots(see the '80 and '90 Merc models). The 2010 E-Klasse will feature the intelligent COMAND APS controller operated infotainment system, which will be integrated on the upper part of the center column, right-side of the instrument cluster. It can also be seen that the luxury sedan will switch from a normal gearstick to a steering column-mounted one, like in the S-, CL-, ML-, GL- & R-Klasse.

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