AMG turning green, but staying mean

The eco fever has crucial impacts even on the most exclusive carmakers and tuners. What was a mere supposition a few months ago has turned into a quite weird reality, beginning to take shape in the near future. The Affalterbach-based tuner of Mercedes-Benz will entirely change its current power approach. If green it's the colour of the years we live, why not try to build a passional sports engine, while keeping in mind that global warming is the main issue of the 21st century?Simple as that. AMG will kill it's 2006-released 6.2 litres V8 aspirated engine and will replace it with a detuned V8 twin-turbo, with a total displacement of 5.0 litres. Some say the basis output for this new AMG 'baby' will be a staggering 570 BHP, while the top of the range will go as high as 700 BHP. AMG is taking seriously into account the environmental problem(for sports cars addicted ones, this may turn into a complete drama...), so it may offer even a hybrid version of the exquisite V8 to come, that will probably be dubbed "BluePOWER" plus an all new, electrically-governed direct drive gearbox, which they say will be more efficient than the current automatic gearboxes. Only God knows what they hide in their bright, 'Greenpeace' minds...

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