Illustration: Autobild's Larson digitally imagines the 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W 205)

Larson, the famous designer collaborating with Germany's Autobild magazine, is known worldwide for providing the most accurate computer rendering for future cars, at least in what Mercedes-Benz' forthcoming models are concerned. The latest CGI offers an insight into the exterior design of the next generation C-Class (205 series), bound to arrive during spring 2014.

The current styling language of the Stuttgart house will evolve in a remarkable way with the advent of the new C-Class lineup of mid-size premium vehicles. The inspirational image from above shows the W 205 will boast spectacular proportions and a confident stance, moving away from the current, toned-down wedge shape. Instead, the new Star in the Mercedes-Benz garage will feature a dynamic design, described by an imposing front end sporting an upright grille and a set of angry-looking headlights with LED technology creating intricate inner graphics.

The attributes defining the sides of the 2014 C-Class are "muscular, yet impressively clean and elegant". Gone are the fussy creases - we should now get a proper Benz with an evident, strong shoulder line making the most of the profile. The car will also receive new door handles and a pair of new, aerodynamically-adapted, blinker-equipped exterior mirrors, that reduce the drag coefficient (Cd) and improve the rear view thanks to the greater reflective surface.

In the absence of a rendition showcasing the back end of the C-Class, we can only speculate the final result will indeed help finish the entire design in a round and cohesive way. Expect some astonishing lamps with a cool effect courtesy of LEDs.

Now, please take your time to surf through the newest spy shots of the C-Class captured in Germany. Enjoy!

Image Credits: Autobild,Autowereld

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