Guest Post: How To Prevent Car Theft

While victims of car theft may feel that they are at the mercy of thieves, there are a few things that we all can do to deter would be criminals, many of which are extremely basic. Something as simple as parking your car in a well-lit and open area is an easy yet effective means of deterring potential thieves from breaking into your car. It may seem obvious, but it is alarming how many people think that their car may be safe in dark, secluded areas. Keeping valuables out of plain sight, or better yet, out of the car completely is another effective way to get thieves to pass your car by. Even something like an aftermarket stereo unit is enough to catch the eye of criminals and make your car their next target.

Ensuring that you always leave your car locked with its windows wound up sounds like basic practice for all of us, but it's on that odd occasion when you just quickly need to run into the house to grab one more thing that an opportunistic passer by makes off with your vehicle and its contents. Even running back into your home for a split second is more than enough time for a criminal to pounce. All these things sound painfully obvious, but the statistics show that an alarming number of car thefts result from people ignoring common sense. Couple this with the fact that the majority of insurance companies employ policies that are void if an owner leaves their keys in the ignition and the whole situation gets very expensive.

Aside from these rudimentary means of keeping your keys and possessions safe, there are other things you can do to ensure that thieves keep their hands off of your property. If your car doesn't already, having an immobiliser installed is an effective means of keeping your car where it belongs. Immobiliser's have been mandatory in new cars since 2001 in Australia so if you own an older vehicle, you may need to have one fitted so that even if you are unlucky enough to have your car broken into, it ensures that without the key thieves will be unable to take the vehicle. Car alarms may be looked upon as useless but they are still very effective ways of keeping your care secure. Abiding by the 'common sense' measures of car security in conjunction with having a car alarm fitted is a proven way of keeping your car and its contents secure.

Author: Muddasir Munir

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