REPORT: Mercedes-Benz to replace dying Maybach with new S 600 Pullman in 2014

An official is yet to be issued by Daimler AG, but we already learnt about the outcome of Maybach, which is set to be put to sleep forever beginning with early 2013. High development costs for a second generation doubled by the incertitude generated by the lack of sales of the current luxury limousines have contributed to this tough decision. In order to fill the gap left by the disappearance of Maybach, Mercedes-Benz plans to launch in 2014 a more upscale version of the future S-Class W 222: the S 600 Pullman, destined to fight with Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Although premature, some details were dropped on the internet. The extended wheelbase limousine will boast almost 6.5 meters in length and a unique, distinctive design to set it apart from the usual S-Class and hark back to the Grand Mercedes 600 of the 1960s. Passengers will travel in complete style and comfort in the exclusively pampered, top quality interior. Moreover, alongside the Pullman and other new variants, the new luxury range of Mercedes-Benz will reportedly receive a special 4-door coupe based on the S-Class towards 2015, even though this information is still to be confirmed by company executives.

Photo: Autobild

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