REPORT: Mercedes-Benz secretly axes the SL 65 AMG super roadster

A recent report indicates Mercedes-Benz execs have quietly decided to discontinue the SL 65 AMG variant from the portfolio of the Affalterbach-established tuner after the SL 600 was also mysteriously killed off weeks ago. Many speculate this radical move has to do with premiere of the new SL-Class sometime in 2012 and shows a repositioning towards the use of powerful, but thirsty V12 engine for the next generation of models. It could possibly mean we won't see a new SL 65 AMG in the future, but lately Mercedes-Benz has not refuted the rumored plans pointing out the intention to build an entirely novel 12-cylinder powerplant that could spawn at least 550 hp in standard form, for the 600 versions. This also brings some hope for a newly-engineered AMG V12 unit which might boast around 650 hp-700 hp if it comes out in the end. Anyway, now we are left solely with the limited series SL 65 AMG Black Series and perhaps the BRABUS, Lorinser, Carlsson & Co. tuned SLs to quench the will to drive a magnicifent V12-powered open-top. Hope those will still live on for a while until the new SL arrives.

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