IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Mercedes-Benz-Blog returns in a few days

The entire editorial staff behind Mercedes-Benz-Blog deeply regrets the unprecedented halt in posting new articles and the incovenience our readers had experienced in the last three weeks. The main reason of the update stoppage was mainly a technical one, as several computers and components we are using for the journalistic work suddenly began collapsing one after the other. We were also on the verge of losing most of our rich 'Files, Documents & Images Database', but, in the end, we somehow managed to repair it and everything is now working properly. Step by step, we are now delivering a substantial effort to restore all the equipments back to their original state. And, as this action is taking some time, we will not begin publishing new articles until Thursday and Friday as well. After we have a clear message that the issues are fully fixed, Mercedes-Benz-Blog will be back in business with fresh forces.

We would like to thank all those that contacted us on our e-mail during this difficult period and expressed their support for us. Moreover, we shall review each and every e-mail regarding certain business inquiries received in the last weeks and we assure their senders will get an official answer in the mean time.

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