PREVIEW - More information on the future mini-SLS supercar

One month ago, we were revealing the first details of a possible new supercar from Mercedes-Benz, placed below the SLS AMG. Now, more interesting inside details about it have surfaced.

The new hypercar will most likely be slotted between the SL and the SLS AMG. The official designation of the car is still being mulled over-whether will it be SLM(which describes a mid-engine supercar) or SLV(a project that's yet to be fully defined), we'll just have to eagerly wait and see.

The SLM/SLV will sport conventional doors, compared to the SLS's famous Gullwing ones. Moreover, the exterior design will boast aggresive and aerodynamic lines, doubled by a lower profile, which certainly points to a tough competition for the Audi R8. Power might come from the new 3.5 litres V6 unit, which is programmed to be specially tweaked in order to deliver around 354 BHP of output and 530 Nm of high-end torque. The gearbox will apparently be a completely new one:called NG3, it will feature no more and no less than 9 gears. The additional output needed will be made available with the addition of two electric motors, placed near the front wheels. The Li-Ion battery will be placed in the central part of this ingenious and sophisticated technologycal solution.

There's still pretty much time left till we see the SLM/SLV running on streets, because Mercedes-AMG engineers plan to unveil the new supercar around 2014-2015, when the second generation of the SLS AMG is also programmed to bow.

Source >> Autobild

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