Mercedes-Benz-Blog TRIVIA: Modern classics: the Cabriolets of the Mercedes-Benz 124 series

The A 124 was the first-ever 4-seater cabriolet produced by the Stuttgart-based constructor since 1971. It was launched in 1990 and boasted a number of technologycal innovations, intended to ensure the comfort of the passengers and rise the prestige of the car in the competition with other similar models. Among them, there are worth mentioning the complex structure of the chassis (which featured a shock absorber strut front axle with anti-dive control and multilink independent rear suspension), the belt feeders, the anti-lock braking system, which was offered as a standard equipment from the debut of sales for the A 124, the electrohydraulic soft top(standard feature beginning with 1993 models) and the calalytic converter. Throughout its 7-year lifespan, the open-top model of the 124 series was produced in a number of nearly 34,000 examples.

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