SPY - 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse (W 222)

First photos of what appears to be a test mule for the future generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse flagship have recently emerged on the internet.

Internally dubbed W 222 and set to debut in late 2012 as a 2013 model, the future high luxury limousine from Stuttgart has begun the long and complicated testing and development process. The first prototype, however, does not show the camouflaged lines of the W 222, but goes instead for a rather strange, kinda Frankestein approach:as the exterior design is not fully finalized at this time, the engineers have fitted the test model with a E-Klasse-inspired greenhouse, that sits on an elongated wheelbase(so, certainly, the new model will grow considerably in the overall length, as well as in the interior space). The trunk lid, as well as the rear lights positioning fairly resemble those of the W 212. In the front end, what seem to be the real lights of the future S-Klasse are hidden from inappropiate viewers via a thick, impenetrable camouflage, whereas the bumper comes right from the revised W 221, that debuted last year in April. All in all, the future S-Klasse will sport the new Mercedes design philosophy, as well as adopting key elements from the radical F 700 Concept of 2007.

It is still too early to start talking about the technical part of the new S-Klasse, but there are some hints we'd better take into consideration, because you never know. The new modular V6 & V8 engines(or MoVe) will find their way under the hood of the W 222. The range will comprise powerplants that feature direct injection and twin-turbocharging to ensure a greater ride efficiency, by drastically reducing the fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels. Also, expect a full hybrid powertrain to be offered, inspired from the VISION S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID Concept, along with the usual mild hybrids lineup. There aren't many details about the possible phase out of the S 600 V12 model, but, from our point of view, this wouldn't be an intelligent move, no matter how much you want to protect the environment from gas pollution. The future S 600, as in the present, would compete with BMW's 760iL-so there's still need for such a refined, high end version of the luxurious S-Klasse, although the 600 is far from being a crucial version of the range. The sporty AMG model will be the S 55 AMG, powered by a new twin-turbo 5.4 litres V8, developing well over 500 BHP in output.

The safety package for the W 222 will include the new, sophisticated assistance systems launched recently(most probably, they will also be improved and enhanced), as well as complete premieres, such as the new myCOMAND infotainment unit, the PRE-SCAN technology and many others. The numerous airbags and the "ordinary" systems such as the ABS, BAS, ESP, PRE-SAFE or DISTRONIC PLUS go without saying.

More precise information about the new Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse (W 222) will be available in the next months.

Source of the photos >> Motor Authority,DiabloMotor

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